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LTT Global selected to be the Host Organization for the inaugural Volunteering for International Professionals (VIP) Fellowship Program which is part of the National Blue Ocean Strategy initiative carried out by National Strategy Unit, Ministry of Finance together with SCOPE Group and Impact Hub to contribute towards nation-building. The project is titled ILMU (Instilling Learning for Malaysian Unity).

Malaysian Arts, Cultures & Heritages

Having had an interesting past and being a part of the international spice route many hundreds of years ago, Malaysia has turned into a mosaic of cultures. Everything from its people to its architecture reflect a colourful heritage and an amalgamated culture.

Malaysian MOOCs

There is often a mismatch between how we want our students to be changed in our courses, and their expectations of those courses. This tension can be particularly acute for first year university students or high school graduates taking a MOOC whose expectations about education are based on how they experienced high school which privileges marks over deep learning and individual performance over working collaboratively.


This course will examine architecture through time, beginning with First Societies and extending to the 15th century. Though the course is chronological, it is not intended as a linear narrative, but rather aims to provide a more global view, by focusing on different architectural “moments”. The lectures will give students the appropriate grounding for understanding a range of buildings and contexts.

Arts & Cultures

In our daily life, various products and service have brought us many rich user experiences and some interesting social cultural patterns. Excellent user experience design should consider factors such as human’s demand, ability and cultural background thoroughly. User-centered design is a requirement for designers, product managers and developers. This course seeks to help product developer and designers build unique critical view and analyzing thought.

Biology & Life Sciences

This course is all about how these two fields together, astronomy and biology, can answer one of our most powerful and primal questions: are we alone in the universe?

Business & Management

This course provides the terminology and concepts of the functional areas of business, setting the foundation for interpreting and analyzing the legal, social and ethical issues facing business today. Learners will gain a basic overview of the financial system, including sources of business financing and various types of financial statements.


The objective of this course is to: develop and improve non-science students’ scientific literacy so that students have some basic knowledge of chemistry, chemists thinking, problem solving understanding, expand their horizons and knowledge, understanding today. Several major challenges facing human society association between the chemical and, thereby contribute to students' own career development.


Improving communication skills and presentation effectiveness for scientists, engineers, and professionals.

Computer Science

An introduction to the intellectual enterprises of computer science and the art of programming.


Design is the methodology of visual communication, and problem-solving through the use of type, space and image. Check more up on courses, e-books and videos here.

Economics & Finance

This course will help you understand how businesses create value, how to think with financials in mind and how to use financial information in business decision-making. We will start with the basics of financial statements and move to the conceptual framework of financial information and its relationship to industry, firms' strategic positioning, and strategy execution.


Learn by doing: analyze, design, and build electronic interfaces between sensors and a microcontroller to build a robot or your own creation in this hands-on lab course.

Energy & Earth Sciences

A comprehensive introduction to existing and emerging energy technologies and their applications.


The application of knowledge to design and build devices, systems, materials and processes and application of mathematics in engineering.


English is an important language to do business, to communicate and also while traveling. Lots of fun and exciting ways here for you to master the English language from Basic to Advance.


Explore how entrepreneurship and innovation tackle complex health problems in emerging economies.

Environmental Studies

A scientific study of the natural world and how it is influenced by people. Major topics include: food, energy, human population, biodiversity and global change.


Ethics (also moral philosophy) is the branch of philosophy that involves systematizing, defending, and recommending concepts of right and wrong conduct.

Food & Nutrition

Explore the ethical issues you confront each time you decide what to eat or purchase food. Join a diverse group of philosophers, food scientists, activists, industry specialists, and farmers in this exciting discussion.

Health & Safety

This course examines the benefits of physical activity, how to prevent injuries, and what to do when injuries occur. The course will include content from leading international experts in multiple fields related to the science of exercise.


Discover new ways of looking at, organizing, and interpreting tangible things in your own environment.


International human rights law in comparative perspective: how the individual has been protected from both public and private power.

Job Search Skills

Learn the basics of job search skills, check out how to do your resume, send out CVs, how to answer interview questions and much more.


This course focuses on the development and revision of evidence-based analytic and argumentative writing and the rhetorical analysis of nonfiction texts.


Law is one of the fastest growing legal fields. Learn how International law is made, applied and enforced, and learn about its basic rules.

Lifestyle & Lifeskills

Whether you are a competitive athlete, an aspiring musician or dancer, you play for fun or want to live an active lifestyle, this course will entertain and challenge you. Topics includes principles of body movement and biological, psychological and social issues related to activity/sport/injury/rehabilitation.


Learn how to use a knowledge of how words work to write in the style that readers value and that the university and the professions require.


We live in a world of numbers. You see them every day: on clocks, in the stock market, in sports, and all over the news. Solve equations, draw graphs, and play with quadratics in this interactive course!

Medical & Nursing

Everyone gets sick. Thanks to medical innovations in the past 50 years, many diseases and conditions have been either mitigated or even cured through medicine. How does a research innovation turn into a therapeutic medicine that health care providers prescribe to patients? This course explores the process, challenges and issues in developing pharmaceutical products.


The consumption of music is expanding, the cost of producing music is decreasing, and the number of artists creating and seeking to expose their work through the Internet has increased dramatically. As demand grows, music business generates unprecedented revenues. In this course, you’ll want to understand more about the music business.


The scientific study of matter and motion, covering mechanics, optics, quantum mechanics, relativity, and thermodynamics.


Primary and secondary students can use resources here for revision and also as resources to help them with their homework.


The class will cover the relationship between electronic structure, chemical bonding, and atomic order, and characterization of atomic arrangements in crystalline and amorphous solids: metals, ceramics, semiconductors, and polymers (including proteins). There will be topical coverage of organic chemistry, solution chemistry, acid-base equilibria, electrochemistry, biochemistry, chemical kinetics, diffusion, and phase diagrams.

Social Sciences

It will provide a thorough understanding of how randomized evaluations can be used to evaluate social and development programs.

Statistics & Data Analysis

You will dive into the best methods for analyzing complex data in the life sciences with a focus on genomics.

Study Tools

There study tools here apply to all ages, to help them with challenges they face in the course of learning. There is a dictionary, translator, calculator and much more to support students to help make their learning experience pleasant.

Teacher Professional Development

This course introduces teacher educators to Open Educational Resources – freely available learning materials that can be adapted for use in particular contexts.


Come Explore The World Of Books Either E-Books Or Audio Books, Jointly There Are More Than A Million Books From Around The World Covering Academic, Fiction And Non-Fiction, Have Fun Reading!

Universities & Colleges

Free online courses from the world's leading universities - Stanford, Yale, MIT, Harvard, Berkeley, Oxford and more covering Business, Accounting, Engineering, Law, Computing, Science, Maths & Technology, People & Politics, Nature & Environment, Education, History & The Arts, Medical, Nursing, Health, Sports & Psychology, Money & Finance, Management and much more!

Computing & ICT

Great Learning Resources Covering Basic PC Understanding, To More Advanced Qualifications In Areas Like Networking, Web Design, Mobile Apps Development, Cloud Computing, Coding And Programming Languages And Much More.

Professional & Business

A Broad Range Of Business Areas Covering Accounting, Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, And Economic Programs To Up-Skill Or Learn New Things & Keep Updated Suitable For Professionals, Entrepreneurs.


Digital Videos Library Covering Many Areas From Academic, Documentaries, Instructional, Lifestyle & Lifelong Learning.


Thousands Of Motivation Content Covering Good Moral, Motivational & Inspirational Stories To Lift Your Mood And To Keep Going When Faced With Never-Ending Obstacles.


Awesome Ways To Fill Your Free Time In A Creative Way. Find Out What You Are Passionate About And Use Your Leisure Time To Pick Up A New Hobby Or Enhance Your Knowledge On Your Current Hobby!

Psychometric & Aptitude Test

Start Learning Psychometric & Aptitude Test

Global Newspaper

Read Global Newspapers From Countries Around The World.

Global Radio

Listen To Radio Stations And Music From Countries Around The World.

Mobile Apps

Collection Of Educational Apps You Can Download For Apple, Android, And Blackberry Devices Content Include Apps For Children With Special Needs Too.