LTT Global is proud to be selected as the Host Organization for the inaugural Volunteering for International Professionals (VIP) Fellowship Program for project ILMU an initiative to impact lives through education. Project ILMU website is developed by the Volunteering for International Professionals (VIP) Fellows assigned to LTT Global's together with LTT Global's own inhouse tech team for the people of Malaysia.

Agyeeta Pasaribu


Didie Irish


Feruz Faridovich


Isabel Martinez Lopez


John Raaj


Neow Ker Eong


Noramumi Izdihar


Host Organization:
The Fellowship is designed, delivered and hosted by Impact HUB Kuala Lumpur and Scope Group on behalf of the Ministry of Finance Malaysia.






LTT Global Powers ILMU

Our impact project is called ILMU – Instilling Learning for Malaysian Unity, powered by LTT Global. We have 5 Volunteering for International Professionals (VIP) with us to help us make ILMU a success among Malaysians.

ILMU offers access to thousands of digital resources in the form of courses, videos or books as different people have different style of learning.

The FREE learning portal is suitable for all ages and covering all areas from academic, professional development, career enhancement, lifestyle learning and lifelong learning.

It is a great knowledge resource centre for all.

The following are the compelling reasons as to why we developed ILMU:

→ Student study debts are on the rise.

→ Rising cost of Higher Education.

→ Employers in search of high caliber staff with the right skills set for the job.

→ A recent global study by Telefonica of young adults aged between 18-30 years said access to technology and education will help to bring them out of poverty and ensure them of their success (http://survey.telefonica.com).

→ Globally students, professionals, and businesses in their pursuit of success have to remain competitive.

→ People retrenched, unemployed, people who come out of long medical leave and people between jobs looking for better opportunity.

Everyone gets an opportunity to learn something new, up-skill or re-skill themselves at their own time and money and time is no longer an issue. ILMU’s platform makes it a one-stop centre to access FREE and quality learning content. We have links to the world’s leading Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) providers like Coursera, edX and Udacity. We also have access to other universities, organizations and subject matter experts from all over the world who have content that they like to share with the world.

About LTT Global

LTT Global, a global pioneer in mobile learning has been participating, understanding, tracking, creating awareness through its various initiatives, since 2004, to encourage and support the growth of the mobile eco system. The company's vision is to enrich and empower organization from human capital development to business enterprise solutions. LTT Global provides a broad range of consultancy services to organizations to provide a holistic, cost effective and efficient solutions using mobile technology innovation. Among its initiatives to promote awareness include the annual GoMobile and the Asia Pacific Mobile Learning Conference. It also is the founder of the Asia Pacific Mobile Learning & Edutainment Advisory Panel (APACMLEAP) and the co-founder of the Mobile Industry Group (MOBIG) which is a special interest group.(www.LTTCOM.com)

Our Values

→ We aspire to be innovative in finding ways to make learning accessible and affordable.

→ We are ambitious in setting standards to be a leader in mobile learning solutions.

→ We value our good relationships with our customers, employees and partners.

→ We are proud of our company and honest in our approach in what we do.

Our Goals

→ To empower youth.

→ To empower Women.

→ To empower Entreprenuers.

→ To improve people performance.

→ To provide additional resources to up-skill.

→ To power human capital development.

→ To creating a knowledge based society.

→ To catalyze growth and income individuals.

→ To encourage lifelong learning.

Our Awards & Recognitions

→ Over the years LTT Global has played a vital role in creating awareness on how mobile learning can enhance lifestyle and through its various initiatives it is honored to have received the following global and local recognitions:

→ We were selected by UK Trade & Investment (UKTI), British High Commission in Malaysia as part of their Mission to the British Educational Training and Technology (BETT) Show, the world’s leading learning technology event in London…where we showcased MyMobileUni.com, our global initiative to impact lives through education via our FREE learning platform.

→ LTTGlobal was selected to showcase our MyMobileUniversity initiative at the Global Entrepreneur Summit (GES) 2013.

→ Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak launched ‘The Green Frontier: A Malaysian Journey’ published by E-Magineers at Borders Green Book Resource Centre at IGEM 2012… LTT Global Communications was recognized and featured in the book as mobile learning is a GoGreen initiative.

→ Nominee for the Prime Minister’s Woman Entrepreneur 2011 Award and Woman Social Activist 2011 Award.

→ Top Five Finalist EUMCCI- EUROPA AWARDS 2010.

→ International Business Review Awards 2009.

→ Technology Business Review ASEAN Awards 2008.

→ MSC Malaysia – Ericsson CR Innovation Awards 2008.

→ Technology Business Review ASEAN Awards 2007.

→ Top Innovators at GSM Mobile Innovation Summit 2007 in Macau.

→ Proud finalist in the “teleworking mums” organized by e-homemakers.net in 2004 in collaboration with the Ministry of Women and Family Development Malaysia.

Partners on Board

We have a dedicated global team consisting of individuals, corporations and government sectors who share in our vision of making learning accessible and affordable.

LTT Global Communications: Founders of Asia Pacific Mobile Learning & Edutainment Advisory Panel (APACMLEAP)

LTT Global Communications is the Founder and Secretariat of the Asia Pacific Mobile Learning & Edutainment Advisory Panel (APACMLEAP) which was set up in 2007. As a secretariat we aim to steer and promote the development of mobile learning in the region by establishing a forum and networking platform for discussion and dissemination on all aspects of Mobile Learning including research, policy, implementation issues and impact on the government organizations and the society as a whole.

For Information Regarding Investment or Collaboration Opportunities

We welcome partners who share our vision of making learning accessible and affordable. You can be an individual, an organization, a university or institute of higher learning or an NGO, if you are keen to come on board please contact.

for more info please contact:

Ms Rani Wemel

+6019 207 0510